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" is the brainchild of Lisette Howlett, an experienced HR professional with over 20 years senior blue chip and public sector experience. The idea for, like most good ideas, came in response to a simple problem - where do you go to find feedback and information about the recruitment industry?

When no obvious answer presented itself, Lisette decided to solve the problem herself. Since then, the resulting company, Web Hires Ltd., has brought together a team of experienced web designers, administrators, recruitment professionals and marketers to help develop and launch job site directory.

The result is a site that is set to become the resource for independent information and real life feedback on all aspects of the recruitment experience - serving the needs of candidates, recruiters and hiring companies alike - leading to higher performance and increased recruitment effectivness.

Candidates are able to make themselves heard by submitting ratings and feedback of their experiences of the recruitment agencies. Recruiters get the chance to demonstrate their commitment to providing a top-class service. They also get access to the feedback they need to meet and exceed both candidate and client expectations. Employers can find the information they need to assess their performance and measure the effectiveness of their recruitment partners.

As Lisette says, "Candidates want the right job, Employers need the best candidates and Recruiters help bring it all together. That means we all have a vested interest in highlighting best practice and identifying what needs to improve. Having the right information means that everyone can get more from the recruitment industry."

Of course, to make that goal a reality, HireScores needs the participation of everyone involved in the recruitment space. With that in mind, we actively seek out opinions, suggestions, advice and recommendations. We need to know how we can best serve your needs so hope to hear from you. Want to get in touch? Click Here

Information about Hirescores.comTM is part of Web Hires Limited, a company set up by an experienced HR professional, Lisette Howlett to meet a significant gap in the market. provides a user driven source of information on all aspects of the recruitment experience - serving the needs of candidates, recruiters and hiring companies - leading, quite simply, to better recruitment.

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Web Hires Limited
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What People Say

"At Parkhouse Bell, getting the right information is crucial to our commitment to a personal, honest and professional approach when working with our clients and candidates. Your site provides that information ... we're delighted to be a part of it and will be inviting all our candidates to get involved." Helen McAnally, Parkhouse Bell Recruitment

"Well done to for providing a valuable open forum for debate on the recruitment experience." Chapple Career Partners

" offers us a unique perspective on the candidate experience; a perspective which is not easy to otherwise get. We are delighted to be sponsoring the site and look forward to benefiting from the information and other services it offers." Syngenta HR, UK

"For a long time I have believed the success of websites such Amazon and eBay have (in part at least) been down to their review / feedback systems. Until now there has been no moral equivalent for the recruitment industry. fills that gap!" Seltek Consultants Ltd : recruiting for science and technology

"We are deeply committed to ensuring a high quality experience for all our candidates; this means we need feedback on what we are doing right and where we can do things better. provides us with that feedback and we are delighted to be connected with the site." D7 Recruitment

"I think the hirescores concept looks really exciting - a view shared by everyone I've mentioned it to. A bit scary from the point of view of recruiters but it will be fascinating to see the feedback." senior recruitment consultant

"We have developed the criteria with extensive input from a number of agencies and employers - if anyone here would like to give us feedback on the criteria - or anything else - just let us know." Management Team

The Team has build it success on the quality and dedication of the team that has come together to develop, launch and manage it.

Lisette Howlett, managing director and founder, has over 20 years industry experience in Human Resources leadership with such firms as Zeneca/AstraZeneca and Syngenta. Her portfolio includes a strong track record in global talent management and recruiting.

Then commenting on, Lisette says: "The site isn't about naming and shaming. In fact, many of the recruitment firms we've spoken to are excited about letting their performance speak for itself. What does is give everyone involved in recruitment - job seekers, recruiters and employers - access to useful information and real experiences, in a simple and independent format. In fact, the free access to independent information is the guiding principle behind With the right information, recruitment firms can improve their services where needed, celebrate and have others communicate their success to the world and ultimately exceed client and candidate expectations. It also empowers employers and candidates to find the best recruitment firms for them and avoid the underachievers. That has to be good news for every quality firm in the industry."

Imogen Austin, Web Services Manager, supports the site and our other web based services. "The growth of the site, along with other Web Hires Limited products and services, means that we felt the need for a manager to pull together the various elements of our operations. Imogen has the important challenge of keeping the site up to date and running smoothly, and will allow us to start to develop more candidate, recruiter and advertiser services."

Gary Dickenson and Creospace, a Norfolk web design company, provide the vital ingredient to - our technology and website. The dedicated efforts of the whole team, and in particular Gary, as our site developer, mean that we have a great website - which works! Having the backing of Creospace also means that we can offer bespoke solutions to companies in the area of recruitment and recruitment effectiveness, as well as feedback and evaluation systems, which contribute to making 'the place to go for anything to do with recruitment'

Andy Barr, 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency. One of Andy and 10 Yetis' passions is 'grass roots' mobilisation - bringing websites to life. 10 Yetis have responsibility for building a virtual community around, drawing together candidates, recruiters, employers and everyone involved in recruitment and recruitment related activities. "Andy is a perfect business development director for His professional background and corporate experience are very different to mine thus bringing a much valued different insight at the strategy phase and complimentary skills to our implementation. He understands the market very well and has a formidable knowledge of the key elements of success - web presence, mobilization, viral marketing."

Eagle Imagery adds the colour to - literally. Mark's amazing designs, creativity, patience and perseverance led to designs, layouts and graphics which delight the whole team and contribute to making a brand to be reckoned with. Having a creative designer of such calibre on the team means that we can also offer design support to our advertisers and smaller recruiters which is a definite bonus since not only does this improve their profile and brand on the site but also keeps our site looking first class.

CS New Media provide, manage and support's dedicated server and hosting. "Reliable, quality hosting is critical for the success of Our users need and expect fast and reliable access to the wealth of information available on the site. We are delighted with the quality of service we get from CS New Media who provide a fully managed solution which means that we can focus on other aspects of the business, confident that our website will be available at all times."

Statistics and data analysis guidance and advice by Dr Peter Howlett, London School of Economics.

Financial guidance and advice is provided by Alan Moore, Alpha Business Services. Advisory Panel is in the process of setting up an advisory panel comprising senior professionals in the area of recruitment, jobs and work. The remit will broadly be to ensure that we are ‘asking the right questions', getting the categorisation correct and meeting the needs of all involved as best we can. Our aim is to create a community which benefits everybody involved in recruitment.

If you would be interested in volunteering for our panel please contact Lisette Howlett ( Early involvement gives you the opportunity to shape our thinking and also to position yourselves as strongly supportive of open feedback leading to continuous improvement. Quality Standard is committed to best practice in recruitment and is keen to work with a few advisory bodies and recruitment companies to develop establish a quality assurance mark that we can award to Recruitment Companies registered on our site.

Our thinking is not fully developed so if you have any ideas please let us know. We will be investigating this further over the coming months. and Professional Contractors Group

PCG (Professional Contractors Group) has partnered with to offer PCG members an opportunity to rate recruitment agencies and interim management companies.

1. What does the collaboration mean for Hirescores?

The benefits including helping to raise HireScores profile in a specific sector of the market where the website's functionality and real time research capability will be able to deliver real benefits to its users.

Overall, the increase in users who actually log on and rate recruitment agencies will help HireScores to achieve its aim of becoming the leading provider of trustworthy and comprehensive research that individuals or organisations can use when it comes to helping them address their recruitment or employment needs.  

2. What are the benefits of AgencyWatch?

AgencyWatch enables the PCG to have a fully functional service that its members can use, without the need for costly set up and testing fees.

HireScores will fully manage and maintain AgencyWatch and this means the PCG staff are able to concentrate on other areas of work for the benefit of their members.

3. How will PCG members benefit?

PCG members will have a unique and valuable insight into the thoughts and reaction of fellow contractors on the recruitment process for some of the UK's most well known and leading recruitment agencies.

The service facilitates a level playing field when it comes to finding the best and most reliable agencies across various different industries and sectors.

In addition to this, PCG members will benefit from future systems enhancements thus keeping the service up to date in a cost efficient manner. and Other Groups

We offer cusomised rating sites for other groups, in the recruitment and non recruitment areas.

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