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Registration is simple - go to the registration page and provide some core information. This information will never be given away or sold. The information on sector, job type etc is also strictly confidential but is used to sort and evaluate the data.

Create an online Profile invites you to create a free personal profile which can include both personal and work information. You can set the display security setting so that it is fully visible or only visible to those people you send the full url to. In addition you can set the display to open viewing, be restricted to searching (allowing a message to be sent to you) or fully private.

As soon as you have rated at least one agency this feature will appear in your home page - you can update it as often as you wish.

More about

What? is a website that allows all candidates – regardless of sector, job level, job type, etc. to rate their experience of recruiters (recruitment agencies, head hunters, search companies etc).

Why? This is an opportunity to be heard. It is also an opportunity to read about how other candidates rate different recruiters – helping you choose the ones that you want to make contact with.

How? You can view ratings just by logging on to the site. To rate recruiters you need to register. This will allow you to add new ratings and also update your ratings over time.

And it is all completely free

How it works ...
Giving Feedback is easy. Simply go to 'score a recruiter' and either select a recruiter or add a recruiter if the one you want to rate is not already on the list. Check the list first to make sure all the feedback for the same recruiter is captured in one place.

For each of the criteria give a score and add some free text if you wish. There is also an overall comments section.

How the results are displayed ...

The results of your ratings and those of other candidates display in a wide variety of ways on the site. The sorting is by the candidate who has given the feedback (candidates are asked to provide this information when registering to allow the sorting)

  • On the home page you can see the top 10. This is based on combined ratings for all the criteria and subject to a minimum of 10 ratings
  • On the recruiter scores page you can look at all the recruiters ranked top to bottom
  • In addition you can look at all the recruiters ranked for each different
    • Criteria
    • Sector
    • Job Area
    • Job Level
    • Candiate Type

In addition you can look at a graph on the profile pages for individual recruiters.

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