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Recruiters - get feedback, exceed expectations - be advised

What? Recruiters have a unique opportunity to learn what their candidates think of them - what they like and what they don't like. This information will enable continuous improvement. High Performance will give competitive advantage and attract higher calibre candidates to register you and entrust you as their career partner. This in turn, and coupled with the increased PR, will enable you to attract more clients.

Why? This is an opportunity to be advised. You can also provide information to prospective candidates and employers about your company. You have the opportunity to gain high value, free PR for your business.

How? You can register your company through a simple on line process. Plus provide additional information on your company.

How the results are displayed ...

The results of candidate ratings display in a wide variety of ways on the site. The sorting is by the candidate who has given the feedback (candidates are asked to provide this information when registering to allow the sorting).

  • On the home page you can see the top 10. This is based on combined ratings for all the criteria and subject to a minimum of 10 ratings
  • On the recruiter scores page you can look at all the recruiters ranked top to bottom
  • In addition you can look at all the recruiters ranked for each different
    • Criteria
    • Sector
    • Job Area
    • Job Level
    • Candiate Type
  • Historic performance is shown on a recruiter basis through graphs on recruiter profiles.

Additionally employers are able to rate. This feedback is not on open display but is available to employers and through confidential reports.

Creating your free profile
Recruiters are able to create a free profile on the site.

It is also possible to add a log and link to your home site and to advertise on your profile page or elsewhere on the site

We also provide an Active Feedback Service for recruiters, please see below for details

Active Feedback Service for Recruiters

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